Il Follo

“When simplicity is not trivial, it becomes the exception”

The “Follo” is an agricultural village in the area of Valdobbiadene, on the famous foothill of Cartizze. Our winery is situated there and also our fine vineyards as Villa Luigia, are cultivated there. This village of ancient winemaking tradition expresses also the history and the culture of these lands, and it has become our company’s brand since 2002.



There are 2 flats with 3/4 beds each and 3 one-roomed flats with 2 beds, a taste room welcome groups up to a maximum capacity of 100 seats…



Shrined among the gentle hills and the luxuriant vineyards, it can welcome the tourists with a harmony of unforgettable colours, tastes and perfumes…


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Tel.0423 901092 – Cell. 349 3646270